Translation to Czech - English - Croatian languages

Being fully aware of the responsibility for the end translation to convey meaning and technical data without failure or ambiguity, we offer reliable and accurate translation services based on uncompromised linguistic standards, such as creation of glossaries, human translation and review. Where expert technical consultation is needed for the translation, we obtain it.

Although the developments in the industry over the recent years have led to the extensive use of computer-aided translation tools (CAT), it is important to know that machine-assisted translation (MT) – despite all post-editing (MTPE) – often contains serious faults that may lead to misunderstandings, cause material damage or even threaten the lives of technical staff. Seemingly cost-effective solutions make a poor impression on the end customer.

With us, you may rest assured of our professional approach and individual attention we pay to the translated materials.

Personal Responsibility of a Native Czech Translator Based in Prague

Over the past two decades in the translation industry, we followed the developments for the good and bad they are bringing. We know how CAT tools aid in maintaining consistency in large volume translations, but we also understand the essential importance of attention to detail and of building specific technical vocabularies on the basis of individual research and expert knowledge.

Our strength lies in the fact that we take personal responsibility for providing effective translation that communicates the required content to the Czech market, be it in marketing, legal matters or technical documentation of enterprises seeking to meet national standards for user manuals and handbooks. We are based in Prague, the Czech capital, and we take pride in the service we deliver worldwide.

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